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• About Us - G.M PLANT Story

Planting and sharing healthy beauty, G.M PLANT. Planting a healthy beauty!
Coexistence, Twin W | Abundance and health, Twin W | Making reality of volition, Twin W | Spreading out to the world, Twin W
With the 4 Twin Ws as our corporate vision and goal, we strive to be a global corporation. Coexistence, Win & Win / Will into reality, Will & Win / Out to the world, World Wide / Abundance and health, Wealth & Wellness.

• Brand Story – GUNMISU Brand is is Planting a healthy beauty.

「GUN」 signifies health, the basis for beauty. 「MI」 signifies true beauty from health. 「SU」 signifies planting a healthy beauty in our body.
GUNMISU is a naturalistic brand that oversees all brands distributed by G.M PLANT. A beauty total care brand, GUNMISU pledges to communicate with our customer in a balanced and proper manner and continue our R&D

• History – The company's history is explained.


02 Signed an export supply contract for Lodella Deep Skin Transfer Essence Booster with Thailand.
03 Certified as a Certified company with excellent evaluation of cosmetics and human health products development and manufacturing technology.
05 Technology innovation SME (InnoBiz) certification.
Launched Gunmisu V Story Miracle X-Serum Renewal.
07 Launched 「 Lodella Tone Up Moisture BB」
135% export growth in the first half of the year(2021)
09 Launched Eco-friendly cosmetics brand, 「 Healucy」


01 Sponsored door-to-door sales Biz Center is ope.n
03 New sponsorship door-to-door sales division.
05 Signed an industry-academic cooperation agreement with Busan Gyeongsang National University.
07 Trademark application for 「 Lodella 」
Launch 「 Lodella Deep Skin Transper Cream 」
08 Singer Yoon Mirae's exclusive model contract for 「 Lodella 」
Research Department - Promoted to a research institute affiliated with companies.
09 Launch 「 Lodella Deep Skin Transparent Essence Booster」.
10 Launch 「 Lodella Clean Up Cleansing Oil」
Won the 「New Technology Innovation Award」 from Busan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


02 Certification as a venture company.
03 Exclusive exportation contract to Romania.
04 Launching of Gunmisu In-derma Tone Up Aqua Power Serum.
05 Exclusive exportation contract to Indonesia.
06 Qualification of the ISO 9001 review.
07 Purchase of the HQ building and relocation.
08 Patent acquired for the multi-layer trans-posome technique.
09 Launching of Kaira Classic Cell Linger Ampoule.
Acquisition of sanitary license in China (Intro-derm Classic, G Mask).
10 Launching of the GS Pracell-D, the in-house brand for health functionality food.
11 Success in share type crowdfunding investment (120%)
Patent acquired for the cosmetic composition containing the extract of Hippophae rhamnoides L., and production method thereof.
12 Excellence Prize in Innovative Entrepreneur Award by the Administrator of Small and Medium Business Administration.
IP Innovation Prize in Busan Innovative Entrepreneur Award by the Mayor of Busan Metropolitan City.


01 Exclusive exportation contract to Vietnam.
Registration of trademark rights for “Gunmisu.”
06 Corporate name change: from Woori TW Co., Ltd. to GM Plant Co., Ltd.
Exclusive exportation contract to Hong Kong.
The consignment sales contract with Bravo TV.
07 Launching of Gunmisu Z Mask In-derma Perfect Solution.
“Best Customer Satisfaction” award in the Global Korea Power Leader Prize.
Participation in Jinan Exhibition.
10 Approval of registration as a cosmetic manufacturer.
Media coverage by the Mongolian TV show from TV 5 network, “Coffee and Tea”; home shopping launch.
11 Patent acquired for processed product and production method thereof using Phellinus Linteus extract.
academic-industrial collaboration MOU agreement with Daedong University.
12 Acknowledgment of the R&D-dedicated department and establishment of the production facility.
academic-industrial collaboration MOU agreement with Kyungsung University.
Launching of Gunmisu In-derma Perfect Sun Serum.


01 Launching of Cherubic Liquid Soap cleanser, the natural ingredient cleansing foam.
03 Exportation to Vietnam and Cambodia.
05 Approval of registration as a cosmetic manufacturing and sales industry.
06 Grand prize in Globally excellent brand, 2017 Global Corporate Economy Development Award.
09 Product promotion at “Beauties’ Chatter Box: Beauty and Flex.”


05 Development of the house brand.
06 FDA approval on Gunmisu V Story Miracle X Serum.
07 Health program launch: Gunmisu V Story Miracle X - Serum & Light & Homme.
Distribution agreement with Introderm SP10, the cosmetic product by Samsung Pharm, Ltd.
11 Kintex Exhibition “My style Trend Fair.”
Plaza launching at Gyeonggi HQ.
12 MOU agreement with Non-Additive Cosmetic Research Institution.


01 Business registration as Woori TW Co., Ltd.
02 Business registration as the door-to-door sales under sponsorship: approved as Omnitrition.
12 Reached monthly sales volume of KRW 1 billion as a door-to-door sales under sponsorship.